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Educomp Smart Classes

Educomp Smart class is a first of its kind, teacher-led educational content based solution that has dramatically improved learning outcomes in our Academy. Who's curriculum-mapped with multimedia rich, 3D contents.

Computer labs

The computer labs at TDL are well-equipped with the latest computers and educational/training software(s)/simulations. Students begin to familiarize themselves from an early age with basic computer skills.


The School maintains fully air-conditioned a well furnished library and reading room. In addition to a wide range of books & periodicals, newspapers and magazines are also provided.

Art and Craft Room

The creative instinct of the student comes alive in the art room. The walls of the art room will be adorned with the works of the children. The students of the school will prove their mettle in the field of fine arts in this room.

Indoor Swimming Pool

Swimming Pools are always the weakness of the children. If this weakness is transformed into systematic training we can create excellent swimmers. A Indoor swimming pool is also its added attraction .It is compulsory of each students to learn swimming under the proper guidance of well Trained instructor.


The school maintains a well-equipped dispensary (Infirmary) under the care of a qualified doctor and a trained nurse. Regular health records of weight, height, inoculation, dental and vaccination for each child is maintained.

Class IX Class XI (For Science Group) Class XI (For Commerce Group)
English English Account {Account}
Hindi Hindi (Elective) Business Study {Bstudy}
Information Technology Information Technology (Elective) Economics {Economics}
Maths Maths (Elective) English {English}
Science Physics Hindi {Hindi} (Elective)
Social Science Chemistry Information Practise {Ip} (Elective)
Physical Education (Elective) Physical Education {Pe}(Elective)
Biology (Elective)

HSchool Time

In pursuance of the New Education Policy of the Govt. of India the school has placed S.U.P.W. (Socially Useful Productive Work) in great prominence and lime-light. The concept of work experience and 'learning by doing' prompts activity in the child and teaches him to use his hands at various skills, handicrafts and indigenous social and productive pursuits. Children under the expert guidance of a S.U.P.W. teacher practice their hands for the making of various articles using waste-material and also learning hand embroidery, stitch craft, doll making , decoration material, wall hangings, fabric painting and even tailoring their simple things by their own hands. Annual exhibitions are arranged and articles prepared by children are also for sale like paper cuttings, flowers made with coloured ribbons, embroidered handkerchiefs, decoration materials, Greeting cards, and Bandhanwars. Our S.U.P.W. programme has carved a niche in the heart of our parents.

Season Date Time
Summer Winter Winter Peak winter Winter Winter Summer
4/4/2016 ( Monday) to 28/10/2016 ( Friday ) 2/11/2016 ( Wednesday) to 12/12/2016 (Monday) 14/12/2016 ( Wednesday) to 30/12/2016 (Friday) 5/1/2017 (Thursday) to 13/1/2017 (Friday) 16/1/2017 ( Monday) to 31/1/2017 (Tuesday) 2/2/2017 ( Thursday) to 21/2/2017 (Tuesday) 22/2/2017 (Wednesday) to 30/3/2017 (Thursday)
7:30 am to 1:40 pm 8:00 am to 2:10 pm 8:30 am to 2:40 pm 10:00 am to 2:00 pm 9:30 am to 3:10 pm 8:30 am to 2:40 pm 8:00 am to 2:10 pm

We organize all games and sports activities like Volleyball, Table Tennis, Football, Badminton, Lawn Tennis, Cricket, Basket Ball, Roller skating, under the supervision of a qualified Physical Education Teacher. Our Annual Athletic Meet and P.T. Display is a grand show, magnificently organized which sets an example for others. The Athletic events include races, jumps (long, high & triple) and throws (Javeline, Discus & Shotput). Our dictum is healthy body and we have touched new horizons in our games and sports endeavors for our children whom we want to catch when they are young, and train them right from the beginning, so that when they grow up they may develop into good sportsmen for their society and win laurels, for themselves and for their country. Evening games and sports are conducted daily under the guidance and training of coaches and experts.

Timing : 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm - April to November 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm - December to February
April July August September October November December January February
Inter House Inter House Inter House Inter House Inter House Inter House Inter House Inter House Inter House
Basketball Tournament Football Tournament Table Tennis Tournament Chess & Carrom Board Competition Volleyball Tournament Athletics (Races, Jumps, Throws) Badminton Tournament Cricket Tournament Tae-Kwon-Do / Basketball

The school has prescribed uniform which may be obtained from the market on payment.

Play Group- UKG Girls (Summer)

  • Off white shirt half sleeves
  • Blue-Check Half-Blouse (Girls)
  • Checked Tunic ( Knee Length)
  • School Belt
  • School Bow
  • Black Shoe
  • Red Socks (Knee Length)
  • Red woolen Socks (winter)

Play Group - V Boys ( Summer)

  • Off white shirt half sleeves
  • Blue-Check Half-Blouse (Girls)
  • Checked Tunic ( Knee Length)
  • School Belt
  • School Bow
  • Black Shoe
  • Blue Socks (Knee Length)

Class I - VIII (Girls) (Summer)

  • Off-white shirt half Sleeves.
  • Checked overlapping divided skirt (knee Length)
  • Checked Tunic ( Knee Length)
  • School Belt
  • School Bow
  • Black Shoe
  • Red Socks (Knee Length)
  • Red woolen Socks (winter)

Boys (VI to VIII) Summer

  • Off white shirt half sleeves
  • Indigo Pants
  • School Pants
  • School Belt
  • School Tie
  • Black Shoe
  • Blue Socks

Game Uniform

Wednesday for everyone

  • White
  • House T-Shirts

Saturday ( I to VIII )

  • Full white Uniform

*Uniform will be available only at the school.