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Chairman's Message

Dear Students,

All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them...

Education of school level must necessarily and spontaneously lead to character development in all its four dimensions - Wisdom, Heroic will, Universal love and Chiseled perfected skills with the capacity for untiring labour, We have an unflinching commitment to academics. From the academics year, our teaching methodology will introduce self- study, research and group projects thus empowering students.

Our students a will be exposed periodically, to a variety of speakers from different spiritual backgrounds. This is their tryst with knowledge wisdom blooms as they absorb information and knowledge and let it manifest in them. Our aim is to, "know Oneself". The more we know ourselves in depth, the better we can educate and utilize our full potential in life. The aim of good education is to expose the students to these hidden potentials and then provide an environment in which these faculties get full opportunity to blossom and flower.

Mr. Abhishek Yadav
TDL International Academy

Patron's Message

Six Letters, Two words, Easy to Say, Hard to Explain, Harder to Do.Move On...

India has entered the era which we are exposed to a world where everyone wants to> "Step A Head". Such changes have resulted in creation of knowledge in order to compete. At TDL International Academy it will be our constant Endeavour to keep abreast with time. In all of our actions strive to revise our teaching methodologies.

Dear Parents, Our goal is to equip children to think and act critically and to be creative in their responses. At the same time, we like them to be aware of their history and be appreciative of the traditions of our civilization. We encourage them to be aware of alternative views of the world and supportive of the world around them. Thus, we synthesize internationally acclaimed practices with India's rich educational and cultural heritage. Beyond a single-minded pursuit of academic excellence, we focus on children's all-round development. Scholastic and Holistic.

We believe that education should enable children to develop a wholesome personality. While focusing on their areas of interest. Education should infuse in them qualities of diligence and practicality to enable them to effectively apply in real-life situations. All activities within the classroom or outside aim at nurturing creativity, fostering observation, inquiry and critical reflection, building confidence and self-esteem, shaping character and inculcating, abiding values of tolerance and compassion, and appreciating diversity and internationalism.

We welcome you to TDL International Academy, to a world of learning where every child is challenged to grow to his or her full potential.

Mr. S.N. Yadav
TDL International Academy

Principal's Message

Opportunities don't happen, you create them...

Education is the most powerful tool to bring changes in the world. It has the power to dissipate darkness and strengthen human mind to create a new world. We, at TDL provide a platform to our students to engage, explore , explain, elaborate and evaluate , molding their minds to become global citizens with the support of hi- tech educational technology, excellent resources and expert faculty.

The Digital Campus provides better scope for child-focused learning, reducing repetitive tasks and providing fun filled learning experiences. The primary thrust of the school is to undertake scholastic activities for students to expand their horizons providing them with knowledge, developing their all round skills .Students are equipped academically, physically, morally, and spiritually to face the challenges of the fast changing global environment.

We provide a stress free learning environment to facilitate critical thinking, innovation and creativity. With a view of setting higher goals, achieving greater heights and adding new milestones, the TDL team is striving tirelessly towards excellence. I take this opportunity to welcome you to TDL International Academy and assure you utmost care and concern over the holistic personality development of your children.

TDL International Academy