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About TDL

Modern education envisages dynamism for a holistic development of child's personality. It must enable a child to learn to leap and to lead. Science & Technology has revolutionized education today and given a new horizon of learning and scholarship. Public School imbibes this dynamic spirit and provides opportunities to children to grow into a harmonious personality and become effective citizens of tomorrow.

Aims & Objectives

Dynamism in Education : Modern educational concepts have undergone dynamic changes. Today due to tremendous knowledge explosion a truly progressive institution must provide a qualitative standard of education and aim at transforming and moulding the personality of the child towards becoming a true and fearless knowledgeable citizen of tomorrow. This school has a definite plan to materialize this aim through its Calendar of Activities.

Character - building through modification of behavior : Modern education aims at building of character through modification of behavior. It is a very slow process and inculcated with a great sense of discipline. Teachers play a very decisive role. They have to be a 'model' to the child, who copies them slowly and slowly till it becomes a part and parcel of his intrinsic personality.

Value - Based Educational Concept : We teach a child more by example than by precept, the values of truth and honesty, uprightness and fearlessness to express himself and conduct himself. He must undertake responsibility of life and confront its problems. As such value-based education is our main thrust.

To seek and explore new horizons: A child must be made capable of keeping pace with the modern developments that take place around him and thus move with times. Computer education and information technology have changed his dimensions of thinking. Our modern teachers provide opportunities to the child to seek and explore the new science for his own generation as well as for the future.

Admission Formalities

  • Children seeking admission in all classes must produce evidence of their date of birth by obtaining a certificate from Municipal Board/Hospital/Village Panchayat record.
  • Students going to school for the first time will be tested orally.
  • Pupils will be admitted to LKG class only after they have attained the age of 31/2 yrs. at the time of admission.
  • No student will be admitted without a transfer certificate from the last school attended.
  • Application for admission should be made directly to the Principal on the Admission/Registration Form signed by the parents, which is available along with the prospectus for a sum of Rs. 200/-.
  • After registration the child can appear in the entrance test conducted for class I and above, but the school reserves the right to refuse admission to any applicant without furnishing any reason.
  • Once the entrance test and interviews are conducted and the list of successful students is declared, no enquiry will be entertained regarding admission.
  • Entrance test will comprise of proficiency in languages, Arithmetic and communication ability in English in particular.

Fee Structure of School & Date of Payment Due

Head Playway LKG/UKG I to V VI to VIII
Admission Fee cs cs cs cs
Annual Fee cs cs cs cs
Monthly Fee cs cs cs cs
Head Playway LKG/UKG I to V VI to VIII
Computer Fee/Physical Edu. - - cs cs
Examination Fee (Quarterly) - cs cs cs
  • Computer Fee is not chargeable from students of class I.
  • Annual Fee includes Development, Electricity, Generator, Medical check-up, Library, School Magazine, Welfare Fund, Games & Sports, Science Laboratory/Maths Lab charges, Extra-curricular Activities, Smart Class & Salt Programme charges etc.
  • Please deposit fees punctually before or on the due dates.
  • Re-admission fee of Rs. 100/- will be realized if the fee remains unpaid beyond 15th of the second month of the Quarter.
  • Fee once deposited will not be refunded on any ground whatsoever.

Realisation of Re-admission for non-payment of fees beyond the following due dates for Quarterly payment.

Quarter Due Dates without Re-admission Fee
April, May, June 15th May July, Aug., Sept. 15th August July, Aug., Sept. 15th August Oct., Nov., Dec. 15th November Jan., Feb., March 15th February
  • Fees for the Quarter will be considered due for payment right from the 1st month of the Quarter.
  • Parents are allowed to pay their fees on monthly basis as well. (without Re-admission fee up to 15th of the month, with Re-admission fee of Rs. 100/- from 16th of the month.) Please deposit fees punctually before or on the due dates before realization of fines.
  • Re-admission Fee cannot be exempted at any cost.


A fee of Rs. 200/- will be charged for a Transfer Certificate which will be issued 3 days after the written application is received from the parent. Transfer Certificate will be issued only after the dues are paid.